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Yasmine Dainelli

Yasmine Dainelli is an artist whose research and practice is based on printmaking, drawing and photography. She has a good knowledge on several printmaking techniques which allow her to link these three different mediums. Etching, photoetching, engraving, screen print, lithograph, mezzotint, block print, gum-print, process camera and collagraph are the techniques that she uses most. Yasmine's work is a result of a combination of these techniques.


She focuses her practice on the research and representation of territory, linking it to the theory of Psychogeography.


The act of portraying a space becomes part of an exploratory process with the aim to establish an emphatic relationship with the place. The world's reality in its continuous temporal change is represented by emphasizing the dialogue between memory and the future. In her work Yasmine aspires to reflect this reality, turning a construction into a process where different materials and techniques overlap.


Recently her research has focused on different areas of London, trying to observe and represent Londoners and the architecture of this capital, contrasting the rigidity of geometrical shapes of the buildings with the organic flow of the people.

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