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Who we are



We are a network of creatives based in old Victorian warehouses in Tottenham, North London. From photography to film, music to performance, fine art to writing, construction, production, tattooing, everything and anything in between!


Members come from a variety of industries and diverse backgrounds, working  across the UK and abroad. Collectively, we have worked with many well known organizations, such as; Tate Modern, Young Vic Theatre, Bernie Grant Arts Centre, National Theatre, Print Works, TEDx, Netflix, Channel 4, BBC and director Stephen Spielberg.




What we do


Fountayne collective serves to support members by facilitating a platform for collaboration, showcasing and employment. 


We house a number of different art spaces including The Annex Space, The Hub, Kitsch and Breathing Room. These, along with the other various studios, workshops and workspaces are showcased at the annual ‘Open Warehouse Day’. 


Fountayne Collective creates large-scale art events and experiences for the public. In particular, we seek to support ambitious and innovative artistic and social projects. 


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