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The Hub

Tim Whitehouse originally set up 'The Hub' as a way of supporting the musical ambitions of his younger brothers, just starting out under the band name ‘More Like Trees'. Offering a place for the band to live, free rehearsal space for local bands and free office space for local promoters, the idea was to shortcut their way into London’s live music scene.


As the word spread, talented musicians started visiting and asking for spaces live and work, leading to the addition of fifteen studio spaces at the second warehouse, ‘Hubworks'. There are now 24 artistic tenants, including a mix of Hollywood movie stars, international Hip Hop artists, world champion Beat Boxers, Poets, musicians, designers and students. This is the strength of the warehouse - the high calibre of the residents creates an extremely valuable, direct route into London’s arts and music scene, which significantly improves the chances of a young artist hoping to break through. 


For more details of the network provided, check the website's ‘Friends' and ‘Alumni' pages on their website

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