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With rebel clowning and physical theatre we are blurring the boundaries between culture and resistance, and hope to communicate the need for a renewable energy transition through the powerful medium of silliness.


Imagine a wrestling match between fossil fuels and renewable energies. Then imagine it turned up to the absolute costumed high-energy comic maximum, but with a serious point to make. Then imagine it happening in mischievous scenarios without permission (like outside an oil-sponsored theatre, or as a decoy for a banner drop in front of a fracking HQ, etc)…


Meet Fountayne Road’s very own eco-clown wrestling troupe: the RenewRebels!


Co-directed and produced by Michelle Tylicki & Sammy James Britten


Core clown crew has included:


Lauren Taylor

Nekane Ozamiz

Charlie Satow

Sammy Britton

Steve Stilwell

Habiba Noach Herce

Darryn Sorenson-browne

Jessica Bernardo
Poppy Flint

Bea Xu

Alex Cawkwell

Lily Gilder

Simon Bramwell

Michelle Tylicki


Special Thanks to:


Nour Alkawaja
Michèle Alexine Worsley

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