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OLIV3R (Oliver Antonini) is an Italian house and techno DJ based in London.


Growing up in central Italy he was never a stranger to the disco, but it was not until he moved to the suburbs of Berlin in 2014 and spent several nights at the famed techno institution Berghain that he discovered his love for the darker sounds that would eventually come to influence his signature style.

In 2016 he moved to London, and several months later began DJing at the infamous afterhours venue Union Club in Vauxhall. There he quickly became recognized for his hard hitting delivery dark and percussive techno, characterized by quick and layered mixing and a liberal dose of tricky technicality and effects, while representing the continental European techno sound.

Although his darker techno sound is what initially got him noticed on the London circuit, OLIV3R's diverse musical palate is reflected in his house sets, which contain jazzy, classical and groovy tones. As a self taught pianist, it wasn't long before OLIV3R began to dabble in music production and with some original material already under his belt, the coming year will be a big one.

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