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Ksenia Burnasheva

In my on-going series I depict mundane, everyday scenes of life that, upon first glance, seem familiar, but when photographed they become very still, which encourages the viewer to stop and look closer.

It is this clear absence within the image that enthralls the viewer and draws them deeper into the image. It does so in such a monumental way that it causes one to touch upon the mysterious atmosphere, leading the viewer to question the feeling of there being something else present.


Scenes within Singles are an untouched documentation of reality that yet evokes the feeling of it almost being staged, the subtle tones seen in the photographs adds to that created illusion.

Each image still manages to tell its own story and remain one of a kind; they are scenes from everywhere and nowhere.


Each photograph separates the scenes from their original context and creates a new perspective for them to be perceived, all the while maintaining an air of silence.

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