Jason Kanzen

24HRS IT Services current activities:

- Various tech services, repairs and upgrades

- Website hosting and development

- eBay and ecommerce

- Internet and networking services

- Hackspace type workshop with tools web 


24HRS.IT email: support@24hrs.it

phone: 07957 35 00 25


Coconut Robot Radio current activities:

- Events and high quality live internet streaming

- Event logistics and P.A. hire

- Building unique party installations

- Retro arcade machine hire (coming soon)

- Spaces available for project use web:


coconutrobotradio.com email: hq@coconutrobotradio.com

phone: 07480 550 121


Random Cool Stuff current activities:

- International eBay seller

- Recycling the planet, one item at a time

- Selling preloved and useful items

- Selling via eBay for well over a decade web


 randomcoolstuff.co.uk email: shop@randomcoolstuff.co.uk

phone: 020 888 55 221