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Greg Tangle


A surreal look exploring the tangled nature of reality.

Tangle-ism is a series of work inspired by travel. The inception of the exhibition is rooted in Africa and then developed in London. Tangle-ism takes us on a journey through three continents where nature is tangled into an industrial chaos. A labyrinth of intricate lines form dynamic shapes and submerge the viewer into psychedelic layers of detail. There is no truth only perspective.

Gregory was born in Zimbabwe where his deep connection of nature and the wild began. In the mid 90's the country was ripped apart by corruption and violence, the future was uncertain. These were desperate times and a whole generation was displaced. Gregory escaped to London in 2004 and made it his home. The pieces in Tangle-ism, like a diary, document his journey. From one Jungle to another, life goes on.

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