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Giulia Vitiello

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Giulia Vitiello has had a broad background in the arts from experimental physical theatre, dance and acrobatics; to film direction and scriptwriting, visual arts and virtual reality.

What connects all of her work is her desire to infuse political ans sociological issues into her work to explore how the arts can reflect society and be used as a tool for change.


She trained with Eugenio Allergi, a direct Lecoq pupil, in Italian Commedia Dell’Arte, and performed in many venues and festivals between Italy and Uk. Likewise, she is continuing to explore the potential of mask theatre at LISPA, Berlin.


She is part of the Fontayne Players, a group of creatives who work using a combination of balinese masks, Italian masks, and physical theatre.

Some of her London works include being part of ‘Drawn’, a virtual reality exhibition in stour space, Hackney Wick; and ‘Nonsensability’ at Espacio gallery, Whitechapel.

Recently she has had the opportunity to direct one of her scripts in a film with the guidance of the University of Bournemouth which will be completed early next year.

Currently she studying Performance: Design and Practice at Central Saint Martins where her newest installation, the collaborative ‘Seclusion machine’ was exhibited as part of Metaphonica sound festival.

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