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Emma Brassington

Carving, painting and performing in London and outside of the UK. Currently she is doing her MA at UAL's Wimbledon College of Art. Her personal work considers the complex dichotomy between the sacred and profane.

Alongside her MA, Emma works as a maker and performer with Puppeteers. Recently, Emma has joined the Puppet Centre Trust's residency program at the Battersea Art's Centre. Working with the LPC, Emma will research develop her research within the field of puppetry. 

Emma has just returned from a 9 month residency in Bali, Indonesia sponsored by the Indonesian Government. In Bali, she researched traditional craft namely Topeng (Masks) and Wayang Kulit (Shadow Puppets). With a backround in Anthropology, having a BSc from the London School of Economics, Emma enjoys an ethnographic approach to inform her practice.

Emma is a founding member of Movement Lab: an internationally based, improvised movement community. The project explores dance and improvised movement in public spaces.

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