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Dominique Croshaw

I’m a visual artist, curator and 360 photographer. My artistic practice examines the utilisation of technology for surveillance. From living in a surveillance society immersed in regular contact with CCTV cameras, I developed an interest in secret filming. By controversially filming people without their permission, often in places that do not permit cameras, I aim to examines the effectiveness of Privacy Law; questioning whether these laws are obsolete in a world of online data collection and integrated video surveillance. From multi-screen projections to positioning monitors amongst hundreds of cans of beans, my video installation combine moving image and the object.


Recent works investigate the intense variations of human experience and viewpoint, with works involving the employment of drones to provide unusual vantage points for the art to be experienced. Current explorations involve simulating a ‘fly on the wall’ experience, by transporting the viewer to the centre of 360-degree photographs. I aim to achieve viewpoints that are impossible to attain in the physical world, due to the limitations of the materiality of our bodies.


Over the past 8 years I have been developing my experience in the contemporary art sector, including curation, archive and photography. My varied experience includes working with the David Zwirner Gallery, White Cube, Barbican, The Trampery, Auto Italia South East, Steven Spielberg, Convergence Festival, Bernie Grant Art Centre, Dorich House Museum and Five Years Gallery.

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