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Claudia Vau

Claudia Vau is an action-methods practitioner, published author and senior psychodrama trainee, registered with the British Psychodrama Association (BPA). 

Psychodrama considers mental illness a loss of touch with spontaneity, using theatre and creative action to explore and develop functional roles, shift patterns plaid out in interpersonal relationships, and promote creativity. 

Claudia offers clinically supervised group and individual psychodrama psychotherapy as honorary psychodramatist within Her Majesty’s Prison Service (HMPS), as volunteer bereavement counsellor, and as freelance trainee-practitioner, providing action-based low-cost psychotherapy services to adult clients who wish to connect to their spontaneity and creativity. She has recently created the Fountayne Road Community Psychodrama group, to serve her own creative community. 

In addition, as a group facilitator, Claudia Vau practices applied playback theatre with different client groups, such as adults in training, women with eating disorders (ED), and young people. She does further creative action work with children and youth, having been recognized by the BPA for this with an Anne Bannister Scholar Award in 2014.



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