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Blair Zaye

Blair Zaye is an artist/curator originally from New Zealand and has been based in London since 2008. Currently he is studying a Masters in Fine Art at Chelsea College of Arts and he also has a Bachelor of Visual Arts. He has himself exhibited extensively all over the world from the UK to the US, Germany, Russia and New Zealand, as well as organizing over 70 shows and events showcasing over 1200 artists.

As an artist Blair Zaye researches the changes that have and are occurring in society and observes where artists have placed themselves within these conversations historically, presently and could do in the future. He attempts to investigate the boundaries and similarities between; technology, neofuturism, quantum physics, consciousness, the esoteric, spirituality, populism, human potentialism and the transcendental, through text, paintings, drawings, video, performance, installation and the transient magic of theatre, initially posing the following questions pertaining to the milieu and contextual melee above;
What’s happened? What’s happening? What’s next and how can this be expressed, relayed and understood? And moreover; What part does contemporary art have to play in a universal cultural (r)evolution in the modern world?  In particularly what mechanisms can be utilized and is it possible to signpost the path to an awakening and cultivate a new holistic worldview?
Exploring the duality or perhaps the dichotomy between the taught concept of the transcendental versus the genuine experience of it.

As a curator/exhibition and event coordinator he has worked on various projects; he has curated and manages events at ‘Breathing Room’, ‘The Hive’ and Façade spaces and has directed/curated/coordinated 'ILLUSTRATED'FRESH’, ‘Projekt’, ‘Contentious’ ‘Showcase Cities‘ and ‘Fountayne Road Open Warehouse Day’ projects as a way to collaborate with artists and performers while curating popup shows offering a platform to a broad spectrum of  creatives. He also produces an online street art channel He is the treasurer for New Zealand Studies Network, promoting New Zealand art and culture globally. He has worked with TEDxTottenham curating a exhibition of locally based artists to coincide with their talks and is an ambassador for Haringey Arts. Over the past 8 years as a curator/exhibition/event co-ordinator he has come to recognize the need for affordable art studios in London. So he is currently in the throws of starting ‘Studio Zaye’ providing much needed affordable studios for over 30 artists.


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