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Aphra Shemza

Aphra Shemza is a London based new media artist working with abstraction, interactivity and light. Exploring New Modernism in the 21st Century, Shemza’s work is multidisciplinary making reference to Modernism with a renewed optimism.

Seeking to express herself through radical new technologies, Shemza’s work explores the way in which we might use these tools to imagine what the role of art could be in the future.The way in which the viewer responds to the work is key to how it is produced and it is through their presence that the works come to life creating active participation. In using these interactive devices Shemza’s work is accessible to everyone, no matter what their age, education or background.

Shemza has a background in the arts having worked for Kinetica Museum, Faggionato Fine Art and Amrita Jhaveri in the past. Academically she has been published in Tate Etc. magazine and given talks at Tate Britain, the Courtauld Institute and EVA, to name but a few. Last year she exhibited her work in the Shard with Louis Roederer Champagne, Winter Lights Festival, Canary Wharf and Xi’an Maker Faire with the British Council. 


Shemza also currently co-hosts FLUX events, an artist-led organisation for media artists in London. 


FLUX is a movement of media artists working on the cusp of technological development, using light, sound, movement and other media to challenge perception and to facilitate social change. We understand technology as an enabler, a tool not for the few, but for the public to explore, interact with, to create.

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