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Anna Kolosova


Anna (1991) was born in Riga, Latvia. At the age of 12 she moved to Moscow, Russia to study at the infamous Academic Art Lycee named after Surikov, which is sponsored by the Russian Academy of Arts. There in the 5 years she learnt the main rules of academic art & architecture; constructing the composition, different techniques of painting & drawing, perspective and measuring.


Paying respect to the school of Russian neo-realism, she was simultaneously searching for something new and fresh, so she decided to move to London. At a young age of 17, pursuing her further studies at Central Saint Martins, she was in close contact with the world of fashion and living in London itself, which inspired her to make art about life around her.


It all made her aware of the urban culture, not so intrinsic in the daily life she saw in Moscow. Anna fell in love with various western art, such as Abstract Expressionism, Pop Art, Dada. Contemporary art scene in London drove her to seek a new style for herself. Gradually Anna has drifted towards more abstract styles and collage, where she uses fabrics, text and found objects/images.


In 2014 she finished university and now is producing her abstract mixed-media works of painterly-sculptural-performative nature at her studio in Barking. Anna has had one solo show in Leipzig (2016) and one in London (2017).

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