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Pery Pereira Sodre

Passageira Nordestina - Pery Sodre
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Sereia na Roda - Pery Sodre
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This is my bio as a musician, written by myself.
I grew up in Brazil, my father's country; and then in France, my mother's country.

While keeping a vivid impression of the Brazilian records my father played, and the sound of his guitar playing, I started studying music in France. Piano, guitar, singing and then pure theory at the university of Paris.

Following the path of my father, acclaimed musician in Brazil, I started singing my own songs on the guitar, gathered a band and dedicated my life to music.

Unsatisfied by the music scene in Paris, I accepted an offer to play for a band in London and discovered its exciting open-mindedness and musical melting pot. Since then, I live in a warehouse with other professional musicians, in an inspiring artistic "community".


My collaborations here brought me to perform with different and artists at the ICA in London, the CCA in Glasgow, Van Abbe museum in Holland, or Venice's biennale.

Wrong Shoes - Pery Sodre
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Você - Pery Sodre
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