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Lucia Pazzini

I am a performance maker, an excellent messy eater and a Fish-friendly visual artist working within the mediums of live art, body-based performance and installation. I love disturbing people, plotting evil plans against humanity, making unusual immersive theatrical experiences and creating unsettling situations that could open new channels of possibilities in our over-controlled lives.


I am interested in making work that is urgent to me and my generation and reflects the necessity of deconstructing gender, sexuality and hierarchical structures. I am particularly interested in unpacking the way in which digital and mediated platforms have become a playground to control our sexual desires, identities and expectations and the impact that this has on the female body.


I am very inspired by post-porn artistic practices, sex-positive feminists and vandalic street incursions against corporate adverts polluting our visual realms. I use a lot of materials in my performative explorations such as food, trash and Fish. There is always a lot of Fish. Fish is great. We should all connect more with our inner Fish.


In my work, I aim to create grotesque, satirical and disgusting visuals that disturb the viewers and invite them to challenge their prejudices. I also really love dark humour. Dark humour really turns me on because it can generate that magic moment where a ''spectator'' is unsure whether to laugh, cry, feel offended or fulfilled and I think that only such a controversial atmosphere can express our post-apocalyptic generational despair. And sometimes it might even hide a positive message. How nice.


Originally from Italy, Lucia is currently based in London completing a BA in Performance Arts at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. Previously, she completed 'The Diploma in Physical Theatre Practice' course at Summerhall, in Edinburgh. Lucia performed in various events across Scotland and London and will soon perform at Duckie's queer cabaret club night at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern. She has also performed in festivals and squatted venues as well as for theatre collectives such as Shunt (London), OceanAllOver (Scotland), Theatre Du Soleil (Scotland) and Antagon TheatreAKTion (Germany).

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